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List of Economics Journals WebEc


OU Economics
UMass Amherst (Resource Economics)
Stony Brook Economics
China Univ. of Mining and Technology
Anhui Polytechnic University (formerly Anhui Mechanic & Electronic Institute)
NSD, Peking University
Economic Inquiry Ranking
Tom Coupe's ranking of economics departments

Other resources on the Net

IO site by Rand
IO site by Luis Cabral at NYU
Harrington's IO of the Internet, at Johns Hopkins
Hal Varian
Marketing Databases, U of Chicago, GSB
Stand-Up Economist by Yoram Bauman
Cyber-Economics, an on-line textbook for introductory economics by Robert Schenk
WebEc: WWW Resources in Economics
RFE: Resources for Economists on the Internet
Jokes about economists and economics
Econometric Resources on the Net - by John Kane